Monday, September 27, 2004

What's all this about then?

We are John and Stacy. (No last names, please: if you don't know who we are, you're probably not interested in this anyway). This is the story of our adoption of a baby from China. We plan to use this blog to deliver news of our adoption process as it happens, including updates and pictures when we travel to China.

You're probably wondering why this blog has such a strange title. It started as a private joke, but we'll share it.

Firstly, we are both amused and appalled by the trend for parents to name their children after popular brands. Data from the 2000 census in the USA reveals that some parents have seen fit to give their children names such as Timberland, Courvoisier and even ESPN (pronounced ESS-pan, apparently). You can read more about this at the BBC and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Secondly, part of the adoption process is an evaluation of your home as a suitable environment for raising a child. We have a full wine rack, plenty of beer in the fridge and a well-stocked liquor cabinet, and we were sensitive (OK, paranoid) about the impression that this might give the social worker from the adoption agency when she arrived. Somehow we convinced her that we aren't planning to get the kid drunk.

So we decided to make a joke of it by using Smirnoff as the working name for our child-to-be. If you don't think this is funny then you probably won't enjoy the rest of our blog.

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