Monday, September 12, 2005

What have we been up to?

It's been a while since the last post with much narration: I've given priority to pictures with the meagre amount of time I've spent updating the blog. So perhaps it's time to take a few minutes and bring everyone up to date.

- In early August my parents visited again from England. It's strange how they now seem keen to visit more often than they have in previous years. I wonder what can have changed to cause this?

- While they were here, Chloë turned 2 years old on August 1st. We celebrated by inviting friends and neighbours to a dessert party in the evening. The theme was "hatty birthday": guests were encouraged to wear their silliest hats. This was inspired by the picture I posted on June 11th. Pictures of the party are yet to be posted...

- The other excuse for my parents' visit was Stacy's family reunion in Marion, Ohio on August 6th. We all piled into a rented minivan for the road trip. There are pictures of the reunion party on my computer too...

- Stacy went back to teach full-time at the beginning of the new school year in late August. She is making good use of her shiny new master's degree by working as a literacy specialist. The best part of this is not having to grade 120 language arts papers every weekend. Chloë spends her days with a home-based daycare provider about a mile away, and she loves it.

- Chloë's development continues apace. She had tubes (a.k.a. grommets) inserted in her eardrums a couple of weeks ago, which is a fairly common procedure. She had a chronic middle ear infection that wasn't bothering her but was affecting her hearing, the doctors told us. The tubes will help relieve the pressure and reduce the incidence of infections in future. They will grow out in a year or two. Already her speech has improved as a direct result of improved hearing. She has a vocabulary of about 50 words, most of which are intelligible and some of which are printable.

- Last Saturday we went to Brookfield Zoo, where Chloë got to know a calf quite well in the petting zoo. Here's the obligatory picture:

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Boyfriend repellent

We'll be keeping this picture safe for future use. I predict it will attain its maximum embarrassment factor in about 13 years. Posted by Picasa

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