Sunday, November 20, 2005

A pair of Cinderellas

Just as a light bulb or a religious argument generate more heat than light, so Chloƫ generates more dirt than cleanliness, even when "helping" to sweep the floor with her mini-me broom.


A night at the theatre

We thought that Chloƫ should be introduced early to the performing arts (says her mother with a theatre degree). So off we trooped, in our best patent leather shoes, to the middle school where Stacy teaches. (That's ages 12-14 for you non-Americans).

As you can imagine, waiting for the show to begin was no fun, and even playing with the program, printed on nice toddler-friendly bright green paper, was insufficient distraction. But once the show got under way, she enjoyed herself thoroughly and danced in the aisle to "Girls just want to have fun", sung by a 12-year-old dressed as Cyndi Lauper.

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