Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A quick trip to Ohio

Stacy's Aunt Ruth died last week, so we traveled to Ohio at the weekend to pay our respects. We made the best of a solemn day by taking some family photos in our Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes.
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With Bob.
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hats, music and watersports

Once again the sands of time plummet through the hourglass of childhood development, and I'm behind with my updates. Here are a few pictures of Chloë enjoying the early summer. It's been unusually hot this week, with several 90 degree days. The typical high at this time of year is 78.

We got together with our travel group last night for ice cream at an Oberweis in Bolingbrook. Our travelmates from Atlanta were visiting Chicago for a few days so we enjoyed catching up with them and meeting their daughter Mei Mei from their first trip to China a couple of years ago. No pictures because Muggins here forgot the camera.

Last week Chloë endured her first real haircut, so she looks much neater now. It was a traumatic 10 minutes for her. I can sympathise: I've always hated getting my hair cut, mostly because I have to remove my glasses so I can't see what's going on.

First up: here are Stacy and Chloë in matching multipurpose hats/makeup bags. Posted by Hello

We'd like to think Chloë is the next Mozart, but her piano technique sounds more like Schoenberg at the moment. Posted by Hello

Several years ago we found a paddling pool on sale at Menards for $3, so we bought it for Gomer. He hated it. Perhaps it was the Barbie logo that put him off. Now we have an enthusiastic user, although Barbie has faded to green. Posted by Hello

Old definition of toy: item purchased at a toy shop. New definition of toy: anything Chloë decides to play with. Posted by Hello

Chloë's first shower. Posted by Hello

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