Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen - Mr. Elton John!


But I'll bet Elton's specs don't do this:

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I see soda bread

We are often asked whether Chloƫ is talking yet. The answer is yes, although we can't always tell what she is talking about. She says a lot of individual words, but she isn't regularly attempting sentences yet.

However, there is one sentence she says a lot, and it's a total mystery to us what it means. It sounds something like "I see soda bread". When we fail to understand it, she repeats it with embellishments so that we get "I see soda bread," "I see six soda bread," "I see six sad soda bread". Someimes it's shorter: "I teeter by" or just "I soda bread".

For the record, we have never fed her soda bread or made any reference to it. If anyone knows what this means, please post a comment.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas outtakes

Last night we inveigled Chloƫ into a nice dress so that we could take a picture in front of our Christmas tree. Several hundred shots later we finally had what we wanted to accompany our Christmas cards this year. Here are some of the images that didn't make it. (As always, click on the picture for a bigger version).



Some days it's just easier to give her what she asks for.



Gomer's favorite game in the whole world is "tug", preferably played with his double-handled rubber tug toy so that he can get a good grip. It's very simple: both parties pull and shake the toy as hard as possible until the other side lets go. Gomer always wins, upon which he immediately wants to play again, like a compulsive gambler. (Addicted? Call 1-800-TUG-GAME).


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