Sunday, January 29, 2006

Santa Who?

Chloë is not yet a fan of the red-suited gift-bearing one.


A nice picture with Edwin. There is some dispute about which one of them looks more like Wallace (as in Gromit):

A comfortable chair in front of the TV

The search is on for a nine-foot giant for Stacy to lie on in order to enjoy the same experience.

Fashion victim

I am told the couture houses of Paris keep a close eye on the pictures here. Pink puppy slippers will be the Ugg boots of the next season. Note the supermodel moody pout and rumpled hair.

Happy Chinese New Year

It is a long time since the last update. We were in England for Christmas, returning to the USA on New Year's Eve. Since then life has been hectic and it has been hard to find time to post updates here. Here are a few pictures from the backlog.

Chloë and a friend from her music class at our local Chinese New Year celebration. This was organized by Sunny Ridge and took place at our local community college.


Chloë seems unfamiliar with the concept of cuddling, although I can assure you she gets plenty of it at home.

Elvis has left the building. (He's actually the lower half of the lion performing in the traditional Chinese lion dance).

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