Monday, October 10, 2005

A typical breakfast scene

As Murray Walker, erstwhile motor racing commentator, supposedly wrote: go to work on an egg. Note the emergency backup Cheerios on the table, just in case. Posted by Picasa

Sandals, British style

Grandma sent these labybird socks from England. Straight away, ChloĆ« acknowledged the British connection by wearing them with sandals. Those of you who are not easily frightened can see more evidence of this peculiarly British habit (from which I disassociate myself completely). Posted by Picasa

Little fleas have lesser fleas...

...and so ad infinitum. The doll's name, by the way, is "Baby". Posted by Picasa

Dressy Bessy is added as another layer in the baby hierarchy. Posted by Picasa

Nothing amusing here, move along

Photos of all three of us are quite rare. A friend took this picture at the Sunny Ridge annual picnic last month. Posted by Picasa

Gomer's new collar

At the school where Stacy teaches, the children raised money for hurricane relief by selling strings of beads, New Orleans style. Chloƫ, ever the "what not to wear" advisor, decided they looked better on Gomer.

It is not reported whether the beads had the same effect on the girls at school as is traditional in the Big Easy. Anyhow, Gomer shows no inclination to remove the upper half of his fur, so it must be strictly a Louisiana phenomenon. (And no, I'm not linking to any pictures to illustrate my point).  Posted by Picasa

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