Friday, February 25, 2005

Some pictures from Nanchang's Renmin Square

The Hall of Exhibitions is in the background. The dragon tried to eat Stacy's hair, but we fought him off. Posted by Hello

The monument celebrating the founding of the People's Liberation Army. Inscribed on the base is the date, 1927-8-1. This, along with many other things in Nanchang, is named after this date: "Bayi" (ba=8, yi=1). Bill just pointed out something obvious to us: ChloĆ«'s birthday is also August 1st, so she is our Bayi baby. Posted by Hello

Self-portrait. A tradition of mine for many years, usually with other people's cameras when they're not paying attention. Posted by Hello

One of the two dragons in the square for the spring festival. On the left is a tree wrapped up against the winter cold. On the right is an abomination. Posted by Hello

The other dragon. In the foreground, roped off and under glass, is the patch of land where the army was founded. Or something like that. I really have no idea. It was all in Chinese, you see. Posted by Hello

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