Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Sunday morning stroll

This morning we all slept in a little. Stacy put in 13 solid hours last night and is feeling much better. After a late breakfast we went for a walk. We took some laundry to one of the many enterprising little shops down the street (for half of what the hotel charges), and then as it was raining we decided to explore the White Swan Hotel, on which more later.

Our hotel has a number of strollers (pushchairs) available for loan, some of which were donated by previous Sunny Ridge visitors. At this stage it's really better for Chloë to be carried by one of us in order to reassure her and promote bonding, but my shoulders needed a break from the Snugli, so we decided to borrow one and test Chloë's reaction to a short trip. She seemed to enjoy it so much that she showed her appreciation by nodding off on the way back to the hotel.

Now, on to the latest pictures, which I've been told are more interesting than my purple prose. I have adjusted the blog settings so that the pictures are higher resolution, both the in-line pictures below and the ones you get when you click on the images. This will increase both image quality and download time, so please be patient.

Me with the stroller. Do I look American enough, or should I get one of those big cigars? Posted by Hello

Stacy and stroller Posted by Hello

There are several bronze statues on the island. I'm sure this one has been photographed many times. It is titled "Chinese Knot". Flattering it ain't. Posted by Hello

Exhausted after a short ride. Posted by Hello

Over the last 2 or 3 days Chloë has been smiling and laughing more and more. Anything that drops on the floor is apparently hilarious. To prove it here's a smile... Posted by Hello

...and a giggle. Posted by Hello

There she is........Miss America!!! What a beautiful smile!
hgiuh uti gitghihgiuhgiuthuiht gurhjifghtui httuhu, njyhhhytj ytuyuyuu
She is darling! What a smile!!!
Oh yeah, get used to forgetting SOMETHING on every trip you take, no matter how well you planned the excursion.

John, stop yelling at the signs, please.

C U soon

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